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Updated 18 Oct 2023

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This page tracks significant updates to the site. Smaller changes are tracked in the “What’s New” sections of the individual pages.

See also: What Happened at shows the update history of my other site,, from its beginning in May 2000 to the final move of all remaining pages to in December 2021.

October 2023

Added two sections to Fun with Complex Numbers in the the Trig without Tears textbook: logarithms of negative numbers, and logarithms of complex numbers. It’s the Law Too — the Laws of Logarithms links to those sections.

A major expansion and rewrite of Denesting Radicals (or Unnesting Radicals); see that article’s change log for details.

The body text felt kind of cramped, so I increased the line height to 1.4 from 1.3 times font size. (For monospaced blocks, the increase was to 1.2 from 1.1.) This was in the site’s CSS file, so every page was affected by the change.

September 2023

It’s been a long time with only minor tweaks here and there, but I’m pleased to announce a major new page: What’s Wrong with Hypothesis Tests?.

Another new page this month, What Are the Odds? explains how odds relate to probability.

Also in the works: a page on taking investment advice from statistics.

March 2022

Added significant new material to How to Solve Polynomial Equations.

February 2022

Added more tips in Windows 10 Tips and Tweaks.

January 2022

New articles:Windows 10 Tips and Tweaks and Windows 10 Calculator Shortcut Keys.

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October/November 2020

With the help of the kind folks at the Usenet newsgroup comp.​infosystems.​www.​authoring.​html, particularly Jukka Korpela, I am updating every page on the site to meet modern standards:

I started these changes in mid-October and finished them in mid-November — except for italicizing variable names, which is still in progress. You may not notice any of these changes, but if you do see anything wrong, please tell me about it.

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The MATH200B program didn’t display well with the new color TI-84 models, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and TI-84 Plus CE. I first created separate programs for the new calculators, but that was a dead-end approach.

Both MATH200B and MATH200A now sense whether they’re running on a high-resolution TI-84, and adjust their display format accordingly. Sometimes that even lets one screen hold the information of two screens on the older calculators.

August 2015

May 2015

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