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Updated 15 Nov 2021 (What’s New?) Privacy Policy

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1. What personal data do we collect?

When you visit our Web site, we don’t collect information of any kind about you.

If you email us, we have whatever information you provide, including the email address and personal name (if any) on the “From” line.

If you make a donation via PayPal, the information you enter goes to PayPal and not to us.

If you donate, PayPal sends us your name, the amount you donated, the USL of our page where you clicked the “donate” link, and any comment you entered. They also send us contact information such as your email address. If you use a credit card, PayPal does not send us your credit card details.

2. What personal data do our service providers collect?

Our Web hosting company is SiteGround. According to the SiteGround Privacy Policy, accessed 2018-05-25, certain automated information is collected by the Web servers, including “your IP address, referral URL, exit URL, browser software, operating system, date/time and/or clickstream data.” This is part of how any Web server operates to give you the information that you request by clicking a link or typing a URL. According to the same policy, this information “will only be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected”, namely providing those Web pages. does not retrieve this information from SiteGround’s servers.

Our email providers are SiteGround (previous paragraph) and FastMail Pty Ltd. You may want to review FastMail’s Privacy Policy.

Our payment processor for donations is PayPal. You may want to review Paypal’s privacy policy.

3. How do we use your personal data?

If you email us, we use your email address to reply to you.

If you donate, we reply to the email address provided by PayPal. We also note the date, the amount, and your name in our accounting records.

4. How do we share your personal data with others?

We don’t.

5. How do we use cookies, pixels, and other tracking technologies?

We don’t.

If you donate, the transaction is done on a page at PayPal’s site. Here is PayPal’s Statement on Cookies and Tracking Technologies.

6. How long do we keep your personal data?

If you email us, we keep your email address only until the matter you wrote us about has been concluded.

If you donate, we keep our accounting records indefinitely.

7. How can you invoke the “right to be forgotten”?

Send an email to our contact address, requesting us to delete your personal data. We will delete your name from any accounting records, and delete your name and email address from our email files.

8. How do we give notice of changes in this policy?

We will update this page, and the What’s New section will list the changes.

9. If you have further questions …

Send an email to our contact address.

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