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Derivatives on TI-83/84

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Summary: Your TI-83 or TI-84 canít differentiate in symbols, but it can find the derivative at any point by using a numerical process. That can be a big help to you in checking your work, and this page shows you two ways to do it.

The TI-83/84 is helpful in checking your work, but first you must always find the derivative by calculus methods. (See your calculus text.) The TI-83/84 sometimes finds a derivative where none exists (for instance, the derivative of | x | at 0), and if you havenít found the derivative yourself you may be fooled.

graph of -x squared+9x-14 The function f(x) = −x≤+9x−14 is graphed at left. How can the TI-83/84 tell us f′(6), which is the derivative of that function at the point where x = 6?

Method 1: nDeriv

Get to the home screen. Press [2nd MODE makes QUIT].
Paste the nDeriv function. Press [MATH] [] [] [] to select nDeriv. Press [ENTER].
First argument: the functionx≤+9x−14 [(-)] [x,T,θ,n] [x≤] [+] 9 [x,T,θ,n] [-] 14
Second argument: the variable name x [,] [x,T,θ,n]
Third argument: the x value where you want the derivative: 6 [,] 6 [)] [ENTER].
The answer −3 appears.

Method 2: Graphing

You can also get the approximate derivative while the graph of the function is displayed.

Graph the function. Press [Y=], make sure no other graphs or plots are highlighted, and enter the function.
Press [ZOOM] [6] to start graphing most functions, or [ZOOM] [7] for most trig functions.
The x value where you want the derivative has to be on screen. If necessary, press [WINDOW] and adjust Xmin and Xmax. Then press [GRAPH].
If your Xmin and Xmax are right but you donít see the graph, adjust Ymin and Ymax, or try [ZOOM] [0] to tell the calculator to adjust them.
Select numeric differentiation. [2nd F4 makes CALC] [6] selects dy/dx and redisplays the graph.
Enter the desired x value, such as 6. Press [ENTER]. The calculator displays the derivative at the bottom of the screen.
calculated derivative
You can get the derivative at other points, if you need to. Press [2nd F4 makes CALC] [6] again, enter the new x value, and press [ENTER].

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