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Updated 9 Dec 2021 (What’s New?)

CMP — Compare Text or Binary Files


Program release 5.24 dated 9 Dec 2021

Copyright © 1994–2024 by Stan Brown,

What is CMP?

CMP is a file comparison program for text or binary files. Inspired by UNIX diff, it makes a greatly enhanced replacement for the DOS utilities COMP and FC. Running on the command line in any version of Windows, CMP displays the differences between two files, or between two series of files, even entire subdirectory trees.

Option settings let you affect the comparison process, such as whether to treat A-Z and a-z as the same and whether to ignore different runs of spaces and tabs. Other options let you control the output format and amount of information reported. You can tune the look-ahead and resync values for different sets of files, which will give you the most useful difference reports.

CMP gives you complete flexibility in batch programing and setting up makefiles. You can configure CMP to return various values according to whether differences were found or all files were the same.

Full documentation is in the CMP User Guide, which is also included in the download.

How do I get CMP?

Download the program, all docs, and an interactive tour as a 162 KB ZIP file. After downloading, unzip the file in any convenient directory and read the 0readme.1st file.

Need an unzip program? I use and recommend 7-Zip (freeware, open source) for Windows. It also includes a command-line version.

Installation instructions and system requirements are here.

How do I buy CMP?

There is no charge for the program. If you try it and find that it meets your needs, please make a donation, to thank the program author and to help with the cost of web hosting.

License and Warranty

CMP was formerly shareware, but is now distributed as freeware. All features of the former registered version are present in the freeware version.

Because this program helps you,
please click to donate!
Because this program helps you,
please donate at

If you find that CMP meets your needs, please make a donation to reward the program author and also support hosting fees on the Web.

Although I am not aware of any bugs in CMP, it is offered without warranty. Nevertheless, if you do find a bug, please report it.

What’s New?

Because this program helps you,
please click to donate!
Because this program helps you,
please donate at

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