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Updated 9 Dec 2021

GREP — Find Regular Expressions in Files

Revision History

Program release 8.01 dated 9 Dec 2021

Copyright © 1986–2024 by Stan Brown,

Summary: This document is the complete revision history, starting with the most recent changes. To use GREP, please see the GREP Quick Start Guide and the GREP Reference Manual.

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Release 8.01, 7 Dec 2021

GREP is now hosted at, not at Why the switch? I own both domains and thought it would be easier to maintain one than two, so I am moving everything from, the smaller site, over to

In the actual program, the only change is to the logo line, which you won’t see if you use the /Q option. There are quite a few changes to the documents listed above.

Changes to the download file:

3 Feb 2019

The unregistered version of GREP was withdrawn, and the registered version was made freeware.

References to registered and unregistered versions remain in the history below, but no longer have practical effect.

Release 8.0, 5 May 2005

New features:

Bugs fixed:

Other program changes:

Documentation changes:

Release 7.52, 17 Jan 2005

The TOURKEY program (see release 7.51) was compiled with a 16-bit compiler to keep it small. It worked fine on my Windows XP Pro, but a user reported that it didn't work on his. I recompiled it with a 32-bit compiler. Also, though TOURKEY isn't intended for standalone use, I added a program identification and help message if you run it with the /? option.

In the tour itself, I simplified the regex used with GREP32 to illustrate paragraph mode .

The GREP executables and the other documentation are unchanged from release 7.5.

Release 7.51, 29 Dec 2004

Following a report that the tour didn't work in Windows XP, I investigated and found that the default installation of Windows XP doesn't have the CHOICE program, which the tour uses to get instructions from the user. I wrote a workalike, TOURKEY, which is now included with the distribution.

The executables and documentation are unchanged.

Release 7.5, 19 Dec 2004

Program changes affecting text files:

Program changes in the handling of multiple regexes (/F option) with the /J2 or /J3 option:

The above two changes don't affect single regexes with the /J2 or /J3 option.

Other program changes:

Documentation changes (in addition to descriptions of the program changes):

Release 7.41, 30 Oct 2004

This release fixes two bugs that were introduced in release 7.4. Both have to do with the /J2 or /J3 option:

Release 7.4, 23 Oct 2004

Program changes:

Document changes:

Release 7.31, 8 Jul 2004

Program change: Add a warning in the help message about regexes that start with - or /, in response to a user's question.

Documentation changes:

Release 7.3, 5 Jul 2004

Program changes:

Documentation changes:

Release 7.2, 13 Jan 2003

Program changes: The latest changes from PCRE release 3.9 were adapted into the code for the /E2 and /E4 options. Those changes fixed some esoteric bugs but did not add any features. (This affects only GREP32 since those options don't exist in GREP16, but the GREP16 release number was updated for consistency.)

Documentation changes:

Release 7.21, 12 Apr 2004, fixed a bug: when the regex contained an opening [ but no closing ], the command-line parser mistakenly diagnosed it as a bad filename instead of a bad regex.

Release 7.11, 29 Apr 2002

This release fixed a memory allocation bug that affected the /E4 option. For some regexes, an internal error was generated.

Release 7.1, 27 Mar 2002

The new /E4 option tells GREP to search for your regex as a word.

An optional second argument on the /M option now lets you define what is a "word" character, if you need to.

Release 7.02, 24 Mar 2002, was an internal checkpoint release for a few minor changes:

Release 7.01, 10 Feb 2002

Program changes:

Documentation changes:

Release 7.0, 21 Jan 2002

As promised, this release was driven by users' responses to the poll distributed with release 6.9.

Program changes:

Documentation changes:

Release 6.9, 22 Dec 2001

This was a pre-release of 7.0. A poll distributed with this release asked users to indicate which requested features they would like to see in the program.

Program changes:

Documentation changes (in addition to those driven by the above program changes):

Release 6.0, 8 Sep 2001

Note: There were beta test releases numbered 5.95, 5.97, and 5.98. For users who participated in the beta test, a number in parentheses indicates the release where a particular change was made.

Program changes:

User guide changes:

Release 5.33, 19 Aug 2001

This is a repackaging for Simtel; there are no significant functional changes.

Release 5.32, 20 May 2001

If you specified current directory on another disk, such as "d:*.htm", GREP was taking that as root directory, "d:\*.htm". Apparently no one but the program author ever does such a thing!

Release 5.31, 18 April 2001

Unfortunately, a bug was introduced in release 5.3: under certain circumstances, GREP got confused about whether it was working from standard input or input files. This release corrects that bug, with my apologies to everyone who downloaded the buggy 5.3.

Release 5.3, 17 April 2001

New features:

Other changes:

Release 5.2, 4 Jan 2001

Release 5.1, 31 May 2000

Release 5.0, 7 May 2000

Program changes:

User guide changes:

Release 4.5, 25 Sep 1999

Program changes:

User guide changes: Clarify and expand "Special rules for the command line" section of the user guide, clarify the descriptions of the /D option and /I option, and add quite a few internal hyperlinks

Release 4.4, 18 Sep 1999 (limited release)

Program changes:

User guide changes:

Release 4.3, 4 Aug 1999

Release 4.2, 20 Feb 1999

Release 4.1, 22 Jan 1999

Release 4.0, May 1998

First shareware release: On 19 Nov 1998 the documents were updated and GREP was packaged for release, with no changes to the program.

Release 3.4, March 1998

Release 3.3, Feb 1998

Release 3.2, June 1997

Release 3.1, Jan 1997

Release 3.0, Dec 1996

Release 2.4, April 1990

Release 2.3, March 1990

Release 2.2, Jan 1990

Release 2.1, Dec 1989

Release 2.0, July 1989

Release 1.0, April 1986

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