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Updated 18 Dec 2021

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This page lists the significant changes to the Oak Road Systems Web site, as a matter of historical interest. For changes beginning December 2021, please see What’s New at

December 2021

All of the content at, except what’s noted under November 2021, below, has been moved to my other site, You can access it under Free Software Utilities and General Articles.

November 2021

Math Sites and Software got pared down and moved to my other site,, in somewhat different form.

The following articles, which are seriously outdated, were removed entirely. Most of them I wrote when I was learning the topics, but my interest has changed or the technology has moved on, and I don’t really want to start over with them. Some have been archived, and in that case I give the link.

Finally, I scrubbed the link rot from the articles that remain. (Those will migrate to at some point.)

January 2021

Added List Users and GUIDs to Windows 7 Tips and Tweaks.

November 2020

Released v8.1.4 of GENER8.

Converted all pages from HTML 4.01 to HTML5, and cleaned up the HTML errors revealed by the W3C’s HTML5 validator.

July 2020

In the GREP documentation, brought the Quick Reference Card and the full release notes on line, added some clarifications to the reference manual, and converted the interative tour (in the download file) to use static data files rather than the program documentation. Removed the documentation from the download file, since it’s all on the Web now and the tour no longer needs it. [Docs were restored to the download file in December 2021, because I had forgotten the people who can’t conveniently read docs on the Internet.]

June 2020

In the FAQ of the Rings, updated the answer about Wagner and Tolkien to make it clear that Tolkien’s rejection of parallels apply to some of Wagner’s source material, not to Wagner, but explain why it’s still appropriate to discuss parallels with Wagner.

May 2020

March 2020

A busy year, with selling my house and moving across the United States in the middle of a pandemic. I’m finally getting to the site updates that have been on my to-do list for so long. This month: added Control Panel Direct Links to Windows 7 Tips and Tweaks.

June 2019

Updates to Relationship Terms, particularly in the “grand” and “great” terms.

February 2019

All of the software utilities are now freeware.

January 2019

Withdrew the resumes. They’re out of date, and I don’t plan on changing jobs.

June 2018

New release v8.1 of GENER8, and major improvements in the user manual [later renamed the GENER8 Scripting Manual].

October 2016

Several new sections in Windows 7 Tips and Tweaks.

July 2016

Use similar “donate” links to Add a landing page for people working from printed copies who want to donate.

April 2016

Post the GENER8 script v8.0, which I use to generate all these Web pages. Remove system dependencies so that the code should now work in UNIX as well as Windows; see all change details.

February 2016

October 2015

Update the Link Exchange Policy.

All my current math pages are at, but Math Sites and Software won’t move there. [It did, late in 2021, though in somewhat different form.] With Internet search engines so good, a static page of links seems so 20th century. I’ll leave it in place for anyone who has bookmarked it, but I’m not going to update it any further.

September 2015

Add <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> to every page, to make Google happy.

August 2015

Move the algebra and trig pages from to

June 2015

Replace 54 pages, which simply framed pages at, with direct links to those pages.

May 2015 launched on 10 May. All math articles from will eventually move there, but for now I’ve added links from the site map, home page, and main math page, plus a option on the Google search page.

February 2015

January 2015

July 2014

May 2014

September 2013

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August 2012

July 2012

June 2012

February 2012

After surgery in summer 2011 and a long aftermath of recovery, I wasn’t able to do any significant updates. But now I’m starting to catch up with the backlog:

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New math pages:

Updated the titles of several more pages to match changed content.

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May 2004

Hard Disk Partitioning [later withdrawn] is now hosted at Sandy Archer’s site.

March 2004

January 2004

November 2003

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October 2002

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August 2002

(intervening changes lost)

May 2000

On 3 May 2000, initial registration of the domain.

Because this site helps you,
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Because this site helps you,
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