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Updated 25 May 2015

Icons for Handouts

printer icon pages are handed out and used in class, and you’ll be responsible for the material. Make sure to print your own copy if you miss that class. (Note: Other materials are required but are not handed out in print because many students prefer to read them on the Web.)

magnifying glass pages recap the lecture material, maybe expanding on some parts of it. These can be a great supplement to your class notes.

notebook with pencil marks practice problems.

calculator icon points you to TI calculator procedures.

excel tells you that the document contains an Excel workbook or gives instructions for using Excel.

'information' icon marks interesting supplements to the topics in the lecture. While you won’t be held responsible for this material, I recommend it to deepen your understanding. Advanced math is not required for materials with this mark.

gears marks challenging material that goes beyond the course requirements, and uses more math background. Read these handouts to find out more of the theory behind the operations you learn in class.

spiderweb marks an external Web page, one that is not on the server.

video cassette indicates a video available in the Media Center on campus.

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