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MATH200/ME50 Grade Worksheet

Copyright © 2003–2015 by Stan Brown

Summary: You’ll receive detailed grade calculations from me around the middle of the course, and at the end. If you want to keep track of your own grade during the course, print this sheet and follow the directions.

See also: The downloadable Excel workbook (38 KB) will do all the calculations for you.

(A) Running Total
of Points Earned
(B) Running
Current Average
(100 × A ÷ B)
Take-Home Quiz1515
Chapter 1 Quiz1530
Chapter 1 Homework434
Chapter 2 Quiz1549
Chapter 2 Homework453
Chapter 3 Quiz1568
Chapter 3 Homework472
Sleep Lab30102
Chapter 4 Quiz15117
Chapter 4 Homework4121
Chapter 5 Prob Set 14125
Shoe-Size Lab30155
Chapter 6 Quiz15170
Chapter 6 Homework4174
Chapter 7 Quiz15189
Chapter 7 Homework4193
Probability Lab30223
Chapter 8 Quiz15238
Chapter 8 Homework4242
Chapter 9 Quiz15257
Chapter 9 Homework4261
Chapter 10 Prob Set 14265
Chapter 10 Quiz15280
Chapter 10 Prob Set 24284
ESP Lab50334
Chapter 11 Quiz15349
Chapter 11 Homework4353
Chapter 12 Homework4357
worst quizzes
Field Project100427
Final Exam
(if taken)
Professional conduct45592★
Extra credit——592★
★Use 472 if you’re excused from the final exam.
☆Subtract 4 from (B) for each missed homework inspection.

Percentage required for each letter grade:

A  93%        A−  90%        B+  87%        B  83%        B−  80%        C+  77%       
C  73%        C−  70%        D+  67%        D  63%        D−  60%        F  <60%       

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