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Take-Home Quiz: Course Outline

Answer from the Course Outline specifically, not from other sources. You don’t need to write full sentences. The best answer is specific but short.

If you will miss class, email your answers to before class starts.

1(points: 1½)  How can you earn extra credit? (Give all three answers.)


2(points: 1½)  How can you qualify to skip the final exam?


3(points: 1½)  It is part of professional conduct to do what before you ask a question about the grading system or other course policies?


4(points: 1½)  On quizzes, can you use a commercial review sheet or a cheat sheet made by a classmate?


5(points: 1½)  You’re going to miss class. What’s the procedure to schedule a makeup quiz so that you don’t get a zero?
6(points: 1½)  What does WTCF mean, and how can you avoid getting it on your paper?


7(points: 1½) Why can’t I answer questions about your grade in email when you’re using gmail or hotmail? Why must you use your TC3 email?


8(points: 1½)  You arrive for class, and you realize you left your lab at home. It’s too late to go and get it. What’s your best strategy to earn partial credit for it, and how much can you earn?


9(points: 1½)  What is more important than any other one thing for your success, in the words of Abraham Lincoln?


10(points: 1½) When you miss class for any reason, of course you’ll contact me to tell me what happened. But what’s your main responsibility?


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