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Updated 8 Apr 2015

MATH200/ME50 Schedule and Assignments

The assigned problems are my short list: you need to work additional problems in your weak areas.

Underlining indicates active links in the online schedule at . See additional handouts on the course Web page.

Date Written Work Due Today
(See notes above)
Today’s Topic
(Skim-read before class, study after.)
27 Jan (none) Course Outline plus Ch 1: Statistics!
3 Feb Work the Chapter 1 exercises.
Hand in take-home quiz.
Ch 2: Graphing Your Data
10 Feb Work the Chapter 2 exercises. Ch 3: Numbers about Numbers
17 Feb Work the Chapter 3 exercises.
Hand in Sleep Lab.
Ch 4: Linked Variables
24 Feb Work the Chapter 4 exercises. Ch 5: Probability
3 Mar Work Chapter 5 Problem Set 1 only.
Hand in ★Shoe-Size Lab.
Ch 6: Discrete Probability Models
10 Mar Work the Chapter 6 exercises. Ch 7: Normal Distributions
24 Mar Work the Chapter 7 exercises.
Hand in ★Probability Lab.
Ch 8: How Samples Vary
31 Mar Work the Chapter 8 exercises. Ch 9: Estimating Population Parameters
Starting 7 Apr, use Inferential Statistics: Basic Cases as additional cheat sheet on quizzes and exam.
7 Apr Work the Chapter 9 exercises. Ch 10: Hypothesis Tests parts A,B,D
14 Apr Work Chapter 10 Problem Set 1. Ch 10: Hypothesis Tests parts C,E
M&Ms Lab: Inferences for One Population
21 Apr Work Chapter 10 Problem Set 2.
Hand in ★ESP Lab.
Ch 11: Inference from Two Samples
28 Apr Work the Chapter 11 exercises.
Last day for Field Project Plan.
Ch 12: Tests on Counted Data
5 May Work the Chapter 12 exercises.
Hand in Field Project.
Project Presentations and Review Session
12 May Final Exam
★ 10% extra credit if you hand in these labs by the start of the class before the class when they’re due.
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