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Updated 30 Aug 2015

MATH200/ME50 Debriefing — Fall 2015

THANK YOU for filling out this anonymous debriefing form and helping to make the next class better. Please use black ink or pencil and write clearly because these pages will be scanned.

SA=strongly agree, A=agree, N=neutral or not applicable, D=disagree, SD=strongly disagree

Feel free to add comments to any response.

  1. SA   A   N   D   SD I liked how email was used in this course.
  2. SA   A   N   D   SD I liked how the Web was used in this course.
  3. write one number In a typical week, I visited the course Web page this many times:
  4. always    usually    sometimes    seldom    never I checked solutions to quizzes on the Web this often:
  5. SA   A   N   D   SD The textbook was at least as useful as other math books I’ve studied.
  6. always    usually    sometimes    seldom    never I printed the chapters (as opposed to reading them on screen) this often:
  7. ≥90%    75%    50%    25%    ≤10% I read this much of the text, not counting the BTWs:
  8. always    usually    sometimes    seldom    never I read the BTWs this often:
  9. write one number I’d be willing to pay this much for a preprinted loose-leaf copy of the text:
  10. ≥90%    75%    50%    25%    ≤10% I read this much of the Course Outline:
  11. SA   A   N   D   SD Graded papers were returned promptly.
  12. SA   A   N   D   SD The instructor’s written comments on returned papers were helpful.
  13. ≥90%    75%    50%    25%    ≤10% Of the homework problems, I worked:
  14. write one number In a typical week (not exam week), I spent this many hours on course work outside of class:
  15. SA   A   N   D   SD I feel I put in enough effort to meet my goals for the course.
  16. SA   A   N   D   SD I tracked my grades on the Excel sheet or paper calculator.
  17. SA   A   N   D   SD My grades have reflected my level of mastery of statistics (not necessarily my degree of effort).
  18. SA   A   N   D   SD Office hours before class were important to me.
  19. NA   SA   A   N   D   SD When I asked for help from the Baker Center, I got what I needed. (Circle NA if you didn’t go.)
  20. NA   SA   A   N   D   SD When I asked for help from the instructor, I got what I needed. (Circle NA if you didn’t ask.)
  21. SA   A   N   D   SD It was clear what was expected of me.
  22. I wish the class had spent more time on ...
  23. I wish the class had spent less time on ...
  24. The best thing about this class or the instructor was ...
  25. I’d learn better if the course or the instructor would ...
  26. Here’s my advice to next semester’s MATH200 students:
  27. Here’s what else I’d like to say: