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Updated 29 Aug 2015

FAQs for the End of the Course

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On 8 Dec, we’ll have our review session. On 15 Dec, we’ll have our final exam. Here’s the FAQ list:

How does the review session work?
It’s open questions from the class, about any aspect of the course material. This includes any outside problems if they relate to the course content.

Are there any review materials to study from?
Review advice and review problems are in the Review section of the textbook. The Baker Center also has review problems in several textbooks.

Also, it’s a good idea to take a look at How to Take a Math Test or Quiz.

Where and when is the final exam? How long is it?
It is in our regular room at our regular time on 15 Dec. You may take up to 2 hours 50 minutes, our normal class time. Most students finish an hour sooner, give or take.

Is there time for questions before the final?
Yes, the usual 5:30–6:30 hour is available. But if you have any big questions, I urge you to get help from me or the Baker Center in advance. If you wait till the last minute to ask big questions, you may not have time to absorb the answers.

What’s on the final?
It covers the entire course. About 2/3 of the final exam (both time and points) will be inferential statistics, and 1/3 will be descriptive statistics.

Are there any breaks during the final?
If you need a bathroom break, cover your paper, leave everything at your desk, and go quietly. Don’t take electronic devices or anything else with you; the penalty is a zero on the exam.

Will you post solutions for the final?
Sorry, but no. I’ll have a printed solution sheet available for you to look at silently. We can’t distract other students by discussing the exam.

When will my graded final exam be returned?
I don’t return final exams. If you would like to go over yours, we can do that at a mutually agreeable time, most likely during the next semester. On the other hand, if you’re just interested in your exam grade, I’ll gladly furnish that in email; see next question.

When will I get my course grade?
By bedtime Thursday, I will post final course grades to myTC3/myInfo, and I’ll send an email to let you know when this is done.

After you receive that email, you can ask for a detailed grade computation similar to the ones I’ve handed out in class. The College requires these requests to come from and be sent to your TC3 email account.

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