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Updated 11 Aug 2013

How to Succeed in Math

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Summary: Math comes easier to some students and harder to others. Whatever your level of ability, even if you donít like math, there are some things you can do to improve your performance, reduce your anxiety level, and succeed in your math class.

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Get help!: These pages give general tips and advice. But take advantage of in-person help if you can.

TC3 students, visit the Student Success Center. They can help you with essential skills like time management and every aspect of your college experience. Also ask questions of your instructor and visit the Baker Center for tutoring in your course material. Important: Do these things before you get in trouble.

If youíre learning independently, you might like this workbook: Paul Noltlingís Math Study Skills Workbook (1998, Academic Success Press, Bradenton FL).

In many ways you can approach math like sports:

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