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Summary: Here are full citations for all the books, articles, and Web pages that I refer to in the textbook. (I’m following the format suggested by chapters 15 and 16 of the Chicago Manual of Style, 13th Edition.)

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(Many thanks to TC3 librarian Barbara Kobritz for finding this for me.)
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(The table is somewhat confusing, giving lifetime risk of 1 in 60,453, but footnotes explain that is the 2003 figure for shark attacks, not fatal attacks, divided by 77.6. Multiplying back 77.6×60,453 gives a 2003 probability of shark attack of about 1 in 4,691,000.)
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See “Learning Check #18” at the bottom.
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(Suggested by Michael Specter’s Denialism.)
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(My thanks to Erik Westwig for drawing this book to my attention.)
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(The figure for males is 18.4 per thousand, versus 15.8 per thousand for females. Ignoring that there are more females than males in the population, the average figure is (18.4+15.8)/2 = 17.1 per thousand.)
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