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TI-83/84/89/92 Procedures and Help

This page points you to step-by-step procedures for several tasks on the TI-83; some procedures also show steps for the TI-89. (Keystrokes for all current models of TI-83 and TI-84 are nearly identical. Keystrokes are similar between the TI-89, TI-92, and Voyage 200.)

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AlgTrigCalcStats TI-83/84 Troubleshooting
INVALID DIM? Whatinheck is that?
Alg  Stats MATH200A Program — Basic Statistics Utilities for TI-83/84
contains these utilities:
  • make histograms or frequency polygons
  • plot box-whisker diagrams
  • compute binomial probability
  • check a sample for normality
  • compute necessary sample size
  • test goodness of fit to a categorical model
  • test independence or homogeneity
   Stats Sample Statistics on TI-83/84 
   Stats Box-Whisker Plots on TI-83/84
and Box-Whisker Plots on TI-89
Shorter TI-83/84 procedure: MATH200A Program part 2
Alg CalcStats Scatterplot, Correlation, and Regression on TI-83/84
and Scatterplot, Correlation, and Regression on TI-89
Alg CalcStats Finding ŷ from a Regression on TI-83/84
and Finding ŷ from a Regression on TI-89
   Stats Binomial Probability Distribution on TI-89
TI-83/84 procedure: see Stats without Tears, here
   Stats Normal Calculations on TI-83/84 or TI-89 
   Stats Normality Check on TI-83/84
and Normality Check on TI-89
Shorter TI-83/84 procedure: MATH200A Program part 4
   Stats MATH200B Program — Extra Statistics Utilities for TI-83/84
contains these utilities:
  • compute skewness and kurtosis
  • plot time series
  • find critical t or critical χ²
  • perform hypothesis tests and compute confidence intervals about standard deviation, correlation, and regression
   Stats Inferential Statistics Cases
summary of TI-83/84 and TI-89 menu selections for inferential statistics
   Stats List Operations for Paired t Test on TI-83/84 
   Stats Testing Goodness of Fit on TI-83/84
and Testing Goodness of Fit on TI-89
   Stats spiderweb   Two-Way ANOVA (accessed 2009-12-28) by David K. NealANOVA2
Alg    Quadratic Equations on TI-83/84QUADRAT
Alg    Dew Point, Relative Humidity, and Heat Index on TI-83/84DEWPOINT
AlgTrigCalc  Evaluating Functions with TI-83/84 
AlgTrigCalc  Graphing Functions on TI-83/84 
AlgTrigCalc  Graphing Piecewise Functions on TI-83/84 
AlgTrigCalc  Inverse Functions on TI-83/84 
AlgTrig   Adding Vectors Graphically on TI-83/84VECADD
AlgTrigCalc  Multiplying Vectors on TI-83/84VECPRODS
AlgTrigCalc  Complex Numbers on TI-83/84
Complex Numbers on TI-89
 Trig   Solving Triangles on TI-83/84TRIANGLE
  Calc  Derivatives on TI-83/84 
  Calc  Newton’s Method on TI-83/84 or TI-89NEWTON
(also TI-89)
  Calc  Definite Integrals on TI-83/84 
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