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MATH200A Program — Technical Notes

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Summary: This document contains the details of variable usage by the MATH200A program, and it’s probably of no interest to you unless you’re programming the TI-83/84 yourself. If you are, you should also look at MATH200Z Program — Technical Notes for technical details of the subprogram that is called by the MATH200A program.

If you just want to use the statistics utilities in the MATH200A program, please see MATH200A Program — Basic Statistics Utilities for TI-83/84.

Most parts of the MATH200A program leave useful results in variables, which you can use for further calculation. Use the [ALPHA] key. For instance, if you want a value from variable V, press [ALPHA 6 makes V]. Also, if you’re using any variables or statistics lists yourself, you don’t want to be surprised when the program changes their values. Below you’ll find complete information.

If you want to delete the lists to free up memory, press [2nd + makes MEM] [2] [4], scroll down to find each one, and press [DEL].

If you want to delete the single-letter variables, though it’s hardly worth the effort, press [2nd + makes MEM] [2] [2], cursor to each one, and press [DEL].

Program startup

1:Histograms etc (calls MATH200Z with θ = 0)

2:Box-whisker (calls MATH200Z with θ = 20)

5:Sample size (calls MATH200Z with θ = 100)

6:GoF test

7:Two-way table

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